Latino holidays take root in Highlandtown

In Highlandtown, they take piñatas seriously. Since the papier-mâché vessels of sweetness are part of a centuries-old tradition, perhaps they should. ProcessionOn Dec. 20, over 100 people walked in a procession from the Creative Alliance at Eastern and East avenues to Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, four blocks over and one block south, at Fleet … Continue reading “Latino holidays take root in Highlandtown”

At Hoehn’s Bakery, as city changes, they’ve stayed the same since 1927

If you are looking for the sweet spot of Highlandtown, it’s Hoehn’s Bakery, right at the corner of Bank and Conkling streets. The bakery has been there since 1927, when William Hoehn opened the doors and started selling buns, pastries, bread and cakes. His granddaughter, Sharon Hoehn Hooper, now runs it. She has been baking … Continue reading “At Hoehn’s Bakery, as city changes, they’ve stayed the same since 1927”

History of Painting Screens

In 1913, Southeast Baltimore grocery store owner, William Oktavec, painted the screens of his store with images of his produce, both shading and showcasing his wares. At a time when there was no central air conditioning and a keen awareness of the danger of mosquito borne malaria, the safe, cool breeze afforded by a window screen … Continue reading “History of Painting Screens”